Local Premium Print & Hybrid Media…

Minimise your advertising budget, while maximising your saturation & reach

Current situation: 

With existing advertising you get a one-off hit in print that may or may not work even with a good marketing message. A big risk, and the costs are too high for single-media, low-print-quality publications. Also too, newspapers and local rags get filled with junk mail & tend to get binned, hence your advert doesn’t get seen.


 Choose the smartest option: three different ways of advertising simultaneously, PRINT + WEB + DISPLAY 

• Our massive circulation is growing throughout local RURAL + URBAN areas* 

• Your advert lasts a full two months (and in most cases more) and avoidS the junk mail! 

• Shift from a newsprint one-off-hit, to gloss and multi-media, high-saturation, ON-LINE + OFF-LINE approach 

• Get found & more business faster through the TLC website with a display advert and a local business directory 

• Residents want to support local businesses and prefer to buy locally, this is the BEST VALUE way to target your advertising


 Reduce your risk, maximise your reach and exposure of your advert to all these areas marked on the map below 

• Be seen everywhere at once increasing the awareness of your business through maximum saturation of your advert 

• Target local RURAL, URBAN & LIFESTYLE BLOCK mailboxes without all that junk mail, increasing the chances of being seen 

• TLC markets your business 24/7 on-line through a display and a business directory, directing traffic and inquiries to you 

• If you haven’t got a website then this is for you, you can use this as your very own website as we make all adverts interactive 

• Better inform the public with smarter, professionally designed adverts that have better chances of engaging the public 

• Our high quality free-to-the-public publication gets kept by the phone and gives your business bigger chances of being used 

• Constantly keep your business at the forefront of local resident’s minds using our multi-media hybrid approach 

• Your advert lasts longer by being placed in local cafés, businesses and waiting rooms yielding bigger chances of being seen 

• The total effect is that your advert seems to be in more places, more frequently than a one-off advert, increasing your ROI 

• All this awesome value for one low price. Get the results that you deserve. Advertise with TLC today!

GET MORE BUSINESS - Advertise Direct To Your Locale!

TLC branding works very hard for you while you sit back and track your interest and traffic from four different channels of advertising for your business...

• Premium high quality glossy print publication gets kept by the phone for future reference

• Interactive website advertising display adverts gives you extra web traffic

• Interactive website business directory details gets you emails

• Local displays in coffee shops, waiting rooms and supermarkets gets you market awareness

• Marketing to almost all of your local market at once on-line and off-line simultaneously

We deliver a premium high quality glossy printed advertising directory brochure to local homes and coffee shops all over your local area. This bi-monthly publication is delivered to the actual location your business operates in, providing advertisers a real place in the community. This is the trend – to Use Your Local! 

The TLC brochure is FREE to the public and our rates make others blush. You can even double or triple your advertisements’ size and still wouldn’t break the bank. Plus you get a whole lot more added value! 

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If you do not receive a TLC brochure, please click on this LINK and download your very own copy.

You may need a PDF-Reader. If that fails there is usually some at New World Rolleston in the silver basket. 

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I Trust You Have Seen TLC Around?! 

TLC promotes to local customers to "Use Your Local", and the FREE TLC Advertising brochure is kept handy by customers' phones giving you a real place in the community!

The benefits to you is that TLC gets directly into the area you want to trade in, it's super-cheap and is backed up by the TLC Website, all designed to boost your hit rate. 

Within the high-quality printed TLC Advertising brochure, we place your advert, then you receive a FREE website listing on this TLC Website. A great way to get your own web listing, another pointer and traffic to your website! 

Awesome value for your advertising dollar, and by far a smarter option than newspaper advertising alone. 

We will personally design and set up your advert for you.

Remember, everything we do is running at cost or thereabouts for the benefit of you, so if you know of anyone that may be interested in advertising with TLC, please let's us know! This all helps to keep the price down and more affordable.

Relate this to what your average customer spends... I am confident that this low-risk advertising will boost your awareness and pay for itself! 

This is new, exciting and there are many advantages of our web marketing in terms of the way it boosts your website rankings.

This is a marketing catalyst!

This is more intelligent, economical and a great promotional opportunity.

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