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TLC Casual Price…

How much does high-quality advertising really this cost? 

Less than half the price of major newspapers to be fair! 

We call our Casual Rates "Mates Rates"
TLC Mates Rates start from only $135+GST per standard off-cover advert size per issue, $200+GST per standard on-cover advert size per issue and custom adverts are available on request. 

This is new, it's vibrant, modern, super-high-quality while being way cheaper than the others and delivered direct to the locale! Designed to be a hard-working marketing tool for your business with so much more added value FREE! 
• Less than half the price of major newspapers.
• The web business directory is a must if you do not already have a website. 
• Casual advertisers can pull out at any time, give us a try! 
• All delivery and distribution is included which is advertising all over Selwyn.

Let Us Organise Everything For You!

We publish every two months. Plus we also supply our basket at Rolleston New World and various other coffee shops around Selwyn to cater for the out-of-town and foot traffic. A once-only design & set-up fee applies (which is capped at $50+GST) for new advertisers to get your advert up to the high quality printing standards required and to load your advert and details into our two website directories. Subsequent marketing text changes in future issues are free.

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