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Do you want to get more business?

This is how...
TLC offers you simultaneous glossy print, two interactive website directories, coffee shop and waiting room advertising that lasts a full 2 months for around half the price of major newspapers! Smarter, cost effective & yields better returns!
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TLC advertising is designed for maximum results.
TLC combines both PRINT + WEB together simultaneously so that your advert has a far greater reach, many more chances of being seen than any other advertiser and lasts a greater length of time! Can you afford to miss out on all this?

Our print goes the distance!
• TLC lasts 2 months instead of a one-off hit
• Less than half the price of major newspapers
• Huge exposure direct to the public to a MASSIVE circulation
• Glossy print looks great & you get noticed quicker
• In coffee shops all over Selwyn like Café Izone, Rendezvous Cafe
• In public places like Rolleston New World
• TLC is free to urban & rural public all over Selwyn
• Stay in the face of the public to get more awareness
• Avoid all that junk mail & be seen
• Lower risk for greater returns
• Special editorial deals available for extra credibility
• TLC creates interest that picks up extra business
• TLC is promoted to be kept by the phone book putting you right into the heart of the community

Double your exposure on our website!
• You get a visually-rich display website directory
• You get a business classified website directory too
• Both work 24/7 for you on-line throughout the web
• We direct public to your website
• We direct messages to your email inbox.
• We direct calls to your phone.
• TLC is a vibrant & unique hybrid mix of marketing
• TLC is a great reference website for the local public
• We are independent & local, we live here too
• Both medias look great & support each other
• Double the exposure for one very low price
• Get found, get hits, get web traffic and link-backs
• Get higher Google rankings
• Create more public & web awareness for yourself
But wait, there is more!
To help you out even further I can personally help you craft your marketing message and design your advert to make you look great!* This catches the eye of the public and creates maximum returns! TLC is truly a one-stop-shop. Try using TLC today!

Web, print & prolonged exposure. 
I believe this is the best value advertiser in the market. 
Isn't it time you got more business from the Selwyn public today? 
Would you like me to hold a space for you?

How much do you spend on trying various local rags and expensive newspapers? Do you get business out of that single-media, one-off hit that only lasts a day? Get more business the easy way and be a part of TLC's next big issue... that's soon, so hurry! Book your spot today...

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