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TLC Bonus Saver Deal...

Get More Customers When You Buy 5 & Get 1 FREE! 
This is a huge saving. 
Set up this deal with an Automatic Bill Payment or repeating invoice and forget about it. 
That's the whole year's print and web marketing sorted for around $2 a day! 
Once you sign up for this annual package, you get another bonus of a FREE "Editorial" that is triple the size of a standard advert! You can say anything about your business up to 400 words! 
T*C's apply.
With this deal in Selwyn’s premium advertising brochure and website business directory, the combination constantly keeps your business at the forefront of Selwyn resident’s minds. Here are your bonuses with this deal...

Buy 5 you get 1 FREE saving you $135+GST annually (5x$135+gst over a one year contract) with a standard sized off-cover advert. Same applies for the front cover bonus deal saving you $200+GST (5x$200+gst over one year contract) with a standard sized on-cover advert. 

Your advert is then up-sized to a triple editorial advert for you to fill with up to 400 words of your choice all for nothing! Positive editorial, informative and stimulative marketing exposure for your business... 

You can even put this on easy mothly payments for the ease of cash flow. 

Pay the cost price every two months for high-quality advertising throughout most of Selwyn in print*, a MASSIVE distrbiuton in print across Selwyn RD's (Rural Delivery runs) and Residential households, including foot-traffic bases at the Tai Tapu Store, Rob's Bakery Templeton, Dragonfly Coffee Shop & New World Rolleston etc. Plus you get two FREE website business directory listings that work for you 24/7, directing traffic to you! 

Print and web for less than half the price of a major newspaper, now isn't that smarter than newspaper alone... 

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