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TLC FAQ's...

Who else covers Selwyn like this?!
Now you can really start to track our marketing.
We selectively target our neighboring areas and distribute our MASSIVE circulation (and growing) households including foot-traffic at coffee shops and waiting rooms too. That lasts two months! Remember, everything we do, we do at cost or thereabouts, so if you know of anyone that may be interested in advertising with TLC, please let's us know! Everyone counts and it may be the difference between adding that extra page to the publication and adding another local area to advertise in! 
This all helps to keep the price down and make it more affordable for everyone.

What do I do next?

Click here and ask to be added to the list by providing your email address. 

All we we need at this stage is "An Expression Of Interest". This needs to reach us before the end of the month. 

Once this has been lodged we can move forward to the design stage if you decide to advertise with us direct to locals.

How much does this cost? 

Bugger-all to be fair! 

Click on this link and download the booking form with more information...

How often does TLC publish?

Every two months.

What is the minimum term to advertise?

The minimum term is one issue on a casual rate or one year on a deal.

Why is the publication so cheap to advertise in?

We run at cost, to help local advertisers out, just like good mates do.

Where does TLC distribute?

Click here to find out...

What areas does TLC cover?

How does TLC rates compare to newspaper advertising?
For a start we are cheaper in terms of advertisement volume, we have a more usable high impact size, we print using the sheet-fed method (which is the highest possible print quality you can get), we also print on a higher quality paper too. We deliver direct to the locale and once you add all the TLC FREE stuff into the equation, including our graphic designer applying that magic to your advert, it's a no-brainer! Look at our comparison we drew up graphically for you. Click on the link Costs to download the TLC: Your Mates Rates as a pdf file.

I haven't got a logo, what do I do?

TLC uses the standard advert template as a start and substitutes your name as a logo. Our professinal graphic designer will look after your style and new look!

If you have a logo and a 'look' you want to stick to, this is also called a custom advert and only costs $50+gst extra.

I want something really professional and corporate looking, can I make my advert customised to be like my style and marketing I am already doing in other places?

No worries, our graphic designer only charges a flat fee. This again is at Mates Rates with TLC, usually costing only $50+GST. He will let you know if anything is outside the scope of the project. This is what we call a TLC Custom Advert. This is a once-only charge, next time you advertise there is no set-up charges. Text changes are done for free!

Can I use this custom designed advert in a different publication or another website?

No. This advert design remains the property of TLC (copyrighted to TLC) unless a prior arrangement has been made.

Yes you can use it if you have supplied the design via previous PDF's from another designer.

The purpose of custom designed adverts is to keep the quality high, that "look" great and maximise your return from this advertising. So generally, no copying of the design or layout and using the advert as a base for use in other publications as this is TLC's Point Of Difference. The full T&C's can be downloaded from here.

Can I be on the cover?

Everyone asks this question! Yes you can hire this prime real estate! To be fair, it is first-in-first-served as these spaces are strictly limited at $200+GST per standard sized advert. We will let you know at the time. Please contact me for these special rates.

What do customers get?

TLC: The Booklet - This is the print directory of advertisers – FREE!

Offers from advertisers and an awareness that you are there!

A great publication to keep handy by the phone. 

TLC: The Website Directory of Advertisers – FREE!

Unlimited access to business details.

Interaction with businesses in many ways.

Pointing to your website if you have one.

Directing traffic to your website, email address and phone!

And number one...

Three different medias, channels & markets to access.

Somewhere to find that local, just around the corner saving time and fuel, they may not had previously known existed! 

Plus the awesome products and services that we as passionate local businesses offer!

Why will customers keep the publication?

Quality, design and clarity of the advertisements, the optional offers that advertisers may offer as well as the directory features are some of the main factors employed to accomplish this. 

TLC is promoted to be kept handy by the phone or in your phone book. Also too, as an advertiser you can run a promotion like bring in you the TLC Booklet and well give you something, as an option, this will track your marketing directly. We cannot guarantee everyone will keep it, but we will know everyone will be talking about TLC!