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TLC The Epiphany...

This is the advertising from both “the customers” and “the business’s” point-of-view!

“What do I want”, “What do I think is reasonable to pay”, “What do I need?”, “What else can I get?”, “What are the latest proven marketing trends?”, “What works?”...
These are just some of the questions I asked myself, and in true number-8-wire Kiwi-style, I quickly discovered that I can do this for myself, in most cases better, due to the over 18 years industry experience I have. Hey, then I thought “what about the other businesses out there in the community?”, "How can I help these businesses?", "How can I help the community too?"... the concept was born – TLC (Tender Loving Care) – TLC (The Local Connection)! 

Super-cheap advertising direct to the locale! 
At TLC we are starting up a multi-medium publication and dual websites called TLC: The Local Connection.

This is a bi-monthly super-high-quality print publication supported by the dual TLC Websites.

For advertisers this means the TLC Booklet is distributed direct to the locale.

For the general public this means they get a FREE TLC Booklet to keep and websites available to them to use introducing start-up businesses and promoting all established businesses involved to be used as their local.

This is a gap in the market in many respects and a great economical advertising opportunity to be involved in.

TLC offers advert rates much cheaper than anyone else – in fact they are at cost – because we are trying to help both advertisers and the general community get in touch with each other.

TLC also offers so much more added value including professional graphic design of your advert – we are a one-stop-shop for increasing custom. 

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So does your business need exposure or do you pay too much for advertising?

What about cutting advertising costs in this current environment – with something that is very economical and you get so much more added value – FREE – while you sit back and let the “brand” work for you?

We are looking for interested businesses to come on board.

All TLC requires at this stage is an "Expression Of Interest" to be involved as an advertiser and the deadline for this is before the end of the month on the countdown calendar to the left. 

Please click here for your "Expression Of Interest". TLC will send you out the forms to fill in and we can move forward to the design stage. Remember, it is first in first paid to get onto the cover due to it's overwhelming popularity.

Also too, if you know of anyone else that may be interested, please let TLC know or get them to check out our website!

I thought you may be interested in this because in these tough times we all have to work harder, now we can work smarter too. This advertising works across both print and web markets. Let this multi-channel marketing approach work for you! If you have a business to promote, we can help you. Thank you again and TLC looks forward to your support in this exciting new publication and dual websites – direct to our locale! Please do not hesitate to contact us if you need any further information.

To The Locale, Welcome…

We are a group of small to medium sized businesses who are available to everyone in our locale. All our details are here as a contact directory and are fully searchable to make it a breeze for you to contact someone near you. Please remember to keep your bi-monthly TLC booklet in your phone book cover! Why waste time and fuel traveling to town when we're right here, just around the corner!


Trusting Local Companies since 2009...

TLC – The Local Connection, connects local people with local small and medium businesses!

Stay connected by advertising in The Local Connection booklet and on our TLC site.

Our brand will work very hard for you, the local community, for us all!

Look out for us in your mailbox soon.

Thank you!