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TLC Benefits...

Selwyn’s premium advertising brochure and website directory constantly keeps your business at the forefront of Selwyn resident’s minds. 

Residents want to support local businesses and prefer to buy locally where they can without commuting too far. 

This is your chance to promote your business with editorial options available to our MASSIVE circulation in both RURAL & RESIDENTIAL areas every two months. TLC markets your business 24/7 through both the internet & print media!  

TLC is the smart option – more frequent than a one-off annual advert and better than newspaper alone – so hurry, secure your space today (it’s first in first served). 

 Target locals direct in and around your area when you advertise in our TLC Booklet 

   Circulation is MASSIVE all over Selwyn so break through local boundaries today!

 Advertising is both RURAL & RESIDENTIAL in print & WEB 24/7! 

   Who else does that?!

 FREE premium quality TLC Booklet for customers to keep by the phone!

   Customers keep the high quality booklet handy for further referrals, to Use Your Local.

 Cheaper Advertising Rates than all the others* 

   Bigger advert spaces & cheaper than major newspapers, specifically designed for high impact!

   This is the "highest quality" premium publication to advertise in right here on your doorstep!

   TLC costs less than half the price of some of the major newspapers.

 FREE TLC website directory for your business with maximum SEO (Search Engine Optimization)

   Get your FREE website directory when you advertise with us. 

   Get found and boost your website rankings! 

   If you haven't got a website, now you have!

 Professional Graphic Design of your advert with TLC*

   Stand out above the rest with maximum impact and maximum quality! 

   Let our professional graphic designer look after your "look".

The Local One-Stop-Shop, let us do it ALL for you!

   Grow your business with TLC as we market your business in a high quality format across many different channels.

   Print, web & social media plus face to face networking!

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  *Terms & conditions do apply.

TLC: Extras... 

Hi, my name is Clint and I manage TLC.

TLC promotes to local customers to "Use Your Local", and the FREE TLC Advertising Directory is kept handy by customers' phones giving you a real place in the community!

The benefits to you is that TLC gets directly into the area you want to trade in, it's super-cheap and is backed up by the TLC Website, all designed to boost your hit rate. 

Within the high-quality printed TLC Advertising Directory, we place your advert, then you receive a FREE website listing on our TLC Website. 

A great way to get your own web listing or another pointer to your website! 

Awesome value for your advertising dollar, and by far a smarter option than newspaper advertising alone. 

I will personally design and set up your advert for you.

So promote your business by both print and web for less than half the price of major newspapers! (for the same sized advert space).

Our next issue will introduce your business to almost all of the households surrounding Selwyn.

Who else covers Selwyn like that?!
Now you can really start to track our marketing.

We selectively target our neighboring areas and distribute to households, coffee shops and waiting rooms etc.

Remember, everything we do, we do at cost or thereabouts, so if you know of anyone that may be interested in advertising with TLC, please let's us know! Everyone counts and it may be the difference between adding that extra page to the publication and adding another local area to advertise in! 

This all helps to keep the price down and make it more affordable for everyone.

Even if you get a 1% hit-rate, relate that to what your average customer spends?

I am confident that this low-risk advertising will boost your awareness and pay for itself!

This is new, exciting and there are many advantages of our web marketing in terms of the way it boosts your website rankings. This is a marketing catalyst!

This is an intelligent, economical, marketing and promotional opportunity.

What would be a good time to call or meet with you to drop in a sample and for you to find out more?

TLC: The Booklet 

Competitive Print Rates – Advertising Direct To The Locale!

We are not an expensive newspaper selling one-off space for huge amounts based on circulation, we deliver a high quality directory booklet advertising your local business to homes and businesses near you. A bi-monthly publication, delivered usually on the second week of the month, to the actual location your business operates in, providing members a real place in the community. This is the trend – to use a local! The TLC Booklet is FREE to the locale and our rates make others blush. You can even double or triple your advertisements’ size and still wouldn’t break the bank. Plus you get a whole lot more added value absolutely FREE! 

Our branding will be work very hard for you while you sit back track your interest from four different channels of marketing your business – high quality print publication, website, blogsite, and local networking – covering almost all of the local market at once! 

TLC: The Website 

This is your FREE Business Directory plus! 

Because websites are hugely expensive to set up, we are not interested in passing on these costs to members! 

Find us all here in our directory of current business partners, complete with contact details and how to find them. 

Don’t hesitate, we’re just around the corner ready to help you out – the community way – with TLC! 

The website contains all the information for both customers and businesses that you need in one place. 

If you already have a website, not a problem, use our service as a pointer to yours or simply use us as a blog. 

As an advertiser this is absolutely FREE! 


“TLC – The Local Connection” booklet (our print publication) is to place all advertisers in the niche above community news publications (like the Rolly Review), local newspaper rags (like The Selwyn Times) and even metropolitan newspapers (like The Christchurch Press) and provide a great looking, hard-working brand that works hard for all advertisers. This in turn is designed to drive leads and custom to all advertisers, to grow and increase your business and sales. 

Introduce all our small or medium businesses (SME’s) as a group of high quality locals to the general public (our locale) to raise awareness and then increase their profiles within the community. 

Provide an interactive web presence for anyone who has not got their own website – for FREE! 

If you already have a website, then we can point you on to it! 

For customers and businesses alike, the print and web media acts as a directory of businesses, advertising for you and a chance for all involved to contact each other direct.


We sell very effective, economical and cost-effective adverts as blocks of space, which is far more flexible and economical for all involved and you even get a FREE interactive web presence and web directory. We have identified and confirmed that there is a gap and real need in the market for the average, small to medium business for this type of service and advertising direct to all locals in a form of a super-high-quality publication, conducted in a very affordable and cost-effective way supported by a “blended media approach”. 

This FREE interactive web presence is for those who could not normally afford such a tool or website. 

And for those who are fortunate enough to already have a website, we can point you to that – EASY! 

The reaction from a variety of small business owners in our focus group wanting to increase sales via this “blended media approach” mix of the ‘traditional print’ and dual ‘web’ methods is overwhelming. Furthermore, the interest observed in this “TLC – The Local Connection” booklet and web presence is extremely positive – we are all set to grow.

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